Life is an adventure

Life is a time capsule with a very specific beginning and end

Life is the sum of all of the experiences we ever encounter on the journey through this time capsule

let’s capture the ever changing story of our present moments …..

…..these become our treasured memories

……our magical moments

……our legacy


Dan Kim currently lives in Calgary, Alberta but is frequently travelling on the road through Canada and the USA. He initially started taking photos several years ago to document his adventures with friends and shared experiences in mountaineering, climbing trips and general travel. He believes that people should stretch themselves and challenge the status quo in their own lives in order to always learn and grow in all aspects of life. While pushing the limits of his own climbing, a recent injury was a blessing in disguise. He refocused his efforts on his passion of photography and now loves to help people remember their journey and the adventure of life by capturing treasured moments through the lens. 

Dan is a freelance photographer available for adventure photo assignments, weddings and engagements, portrait shoots (family, couples, individual, pets), and photo editing. He is flexible to tailor your shoot to your specific needs. Please contact for a free quote.


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