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Various locations in the city of AIRDRIE including local Hotels and Residential communities

      Apple Creek Golf Course in Airdrie, Alberta is one of our most favourite locations to shoot. The area by the gazebo is very nice and allows for easy loading and unloading of gear to set up for the vendors. The venue in the past has also been very cooperative to have drone footage of the area. Although some couples are worried there might not be enough scenic areas on the golf course because this portion of Alberta is known to be quite flat, but if you take a look at Naomi and Ryan’s wedding video, you will see there is quite a lot of areas to shoot that provide stunning backdrops. 

     The reception area is very large and allows for the videographer and photographer to move around easily. The dance floor is centered right in the middle and allows for a lot of depth behind the couple during the first dances to allow for a more cinematic feel for the wedding films. The bar is also centered and off to the side and is easily accessible to everyone quite easily. A lot of options to setup for the couple for the cake, dinner, dj area, speakers, lights, the photobooth, signing registry and so on. There is also a balcony if people want to mingle outside. 

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