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Ceremony: filmed at Confederation Park

Formals: SAIT Parking Garage, Peace Bridge

Reception: Festival Hall located in Inglewood

      Confederation Park in Calgary, Alberta provides a beautiful area that is central and allows for so many options for photography and videography. The area that was chosen by Kaitlyn and Brett was just off 14th Street and provided a nice shaded area for nice lighting during the ceremony away from the harsh sun. There were also some nice bridges in Confederation Park and a lot of space for the photographers and videographers to move around and the guests to mingle after the ceremony.

     We then went to the SAIT Parking garage which is quite a famous area to shoot in Calgary and as well as the infamous red Peace Bridge in downtown. There are several ways and angles to film and photograph the bridge so you definitely want to hire a team that knows how to shoot on the bridge. We have shot several events here. Also make sure there is sufficient time for parking and walking to and from the bridge. Hiring a limo is much easier to find parking and makes transitions much more simple when changing shooting locations. 

    The wedding reception was at the Festival Hall in Inglewood. Parking can be a bit tricky here but since the reception was later in the day, there are many free parking options that open up. We did a pre-location scout here to make sure there was no flickering or banding from the led lights in the venue. The venue contact here is very nice and professional and was very accommodating. The string lights are beautiful and allow for many neat compositions. We loved shooting this venue as it has nice high ceilings, a central dance floor and a lot of space to move around. 

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