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      The day started with the First Look right outside the Eau Claire Sheraton on this wedding day close to Christmas day during the winter. The ceremony was held on the second floor on a partitioned area of the Wildrose ballroom of this famous hotel in downtown Calgary. After the cermeony we were lucky the weather wasn't too cold or harsh so we were able to head to Prince's Island Park for the formals. There was very large Christmas tree with full lights that made for wonderful backlit shots.

     The reception was also held on the second floor in a different section of the Wildrose Ballroom and held a large number of guests. There was plenty of room for the head table, the dance floor, dj, shoegame and a lot of space to film the area from multiple angles without being intrusive to any of the guests. 

    After the speeches were over the couple wanted to sneak away for some quick shots in the park when it was lit up with all of the Christmas lights and backlit street lights for some stunning winter compositions.

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