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Ceremony: filmed at the Glenmore Inn

Formals: filmed in Carburn Park

      We filmed the wedding of Mitchell and Janel at the Glenmore Inn in Calgary, Alberta. We initially did a location scout to make sure the seating arrangements allowed enough room for the tripods to get the angle of the bride and groom during the ceremony. We also reached out to the DJ in advance to make sure we could record the sound. All the audio turned out amazing and the ceremony turned out perfectly. Family photos were done at the hotel in the hallway which had a nice composition and quite a lot of room for the families to hang out.

     The bridal party shots were all done in Carburn Park right after, which was close by and the photographer Rob Moses did an amazing job posing everyone. We then directed a few shots as well to make sure we captured motion and some fun cheering. We then returned for more festivities at the Glenmore Inn in their very large reception room followed by speeches, first dances and group celebrations.

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Calgar Wedding Videographer
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