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Bridal Prep: Residential Community in Rockyford

Ceremony: filmed at Family Ranch near Hussar

Reception: filmed at Hussar Community Hall

      Brittany and Cole’s wedding was very eventful. There were 3 main separate filming locations. We had an early start leaving Calgary with the destination of the small town of Rockyford, Alberta where Brittany was raised. The bridal prep was located at her parents house, with the groom prep and ceremony held at a farm near Hussar, Alberta owned by Cole’s parents. I was filming in Drumheller the week prior so made sure I swung by the farm to do a pre-location scout and familiarize myself with the big day.  

     The ceremony was beautiful and we love filming on family ranches as it makes the day so personal to the bride and groom. The reception was next and we made our way to the Hussar Community Hall, which is a large space and fit hundreds of guests. There was a lot of room to get the angles we needed without being disruptive to any views of the guests. This was a beautiful wedding and were happy to be film in two small Alberta towns in the same day. 

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Calgar Wedding Videographer
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