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BX FALLS Waterfall and Hiking Trail


      Although a lengthy drive from Calgary, Alberta, it was well worth it to shoot this wedding. The ceremony took place at BX Falls with a smaller group since there is limited parking at the trail head. There is a hiking trail and a set of stairs down to the falls. Make sure there is sufficient time for the hiking and also that it is not to slippery coming down the stairs. The waterfall itself is beautiful and allows for several compositions.

     There is a limited space so a good assortment of lenses to capture the group photo was very important. As well as for the family photos and couple formals after the ceremony.

    The reception was held at the main picnic area at Ellison Provincial Park. The bride and groom in this instance were rock climbers and so were many of the friends attending. (I am also a rock climber by the so understood the best angles to shoot bouldering photos). The park is beautiful and is definitely worth hiking around to the shore and to the climbing area at the back.

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