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Wedding Videographer

Calgary, Alberta

Bridal Prep, Ceremony and Reception: Westin Airport Hotel

Formals: Nose Hill Park

      The Westin Airport Hotel is a newer venue in Calgary, Alberta (as of 2020) for hosting weddings and was a great choice by Kristen and Phil. The bridal prep, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception could all easily and conveniently accessed. When switching rooms between the ceremony and reception it was quite easy as they were right beside each other in this instance (other weddings may have the same room flipped). Vendors could even go between rooms without exiting into the main hallway so setup for the reception is very subtle as guests mingle in the hallway.

     We chose Nose Hill as the location to shoot the formals which turned out excellent! Certain parts of Nose Hill can be tricky to shoot but the location that was chosen for this day turned out perfect! (shhhh! contact us to ask where as we don’t want to give all our secrets away.)

    The reception area was huge and allowed for many options of camera angles without distrupting any of the guests viewpoints. Great venue and beautiful wedding !

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Calgar Wedding Videographer
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