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Olds, Alberta

Bridal Prep: Pomeroy Inn & Suites

Ceremony, Formals, Reception: Willow Lane Barn

      Willow Lane Barn just outside the town of Olds, Alberta is an absolutely stunning wedding venue. For this particular wedding we filmed, the bride and groom prep at the Pomeroy Inn & Suites, which is a very convenient location to drive to the barn afterwards. The main barn is huge and is perfect for a beautiful ceremony. The light that comes in from the sides of the barn is soft and the aisle is quite long so there is plenty of time to get great shots of all the important people walking down the aisle (many other venues can have short aisles and be trickier to get a clean shot for the photographer and videographer especially of people are unintentionally walking quickly; it happens more often than you think !). The curtains at the back give a dramatic entrance as well for the bride and the layout is very symmetrical so the composition of the video and photos make for stunning images. The DJ area can also be hidden behind the side curtains as well as all the tables for the reception so the images have clean backdrops.

     The venue in the past has also been very cooperative for a drone flying over the property so beautiful establishing shots can be used in various portions of the day. The back of the barn has many options for film and photography and quite a lot of space without the parking lot being in the background. As well there is a balcony loft where some great shots can be done (be careful of the harsh sun though if it is out !) The upstairs section has also quite a lot of options to get soft light (if the balcony doors are open slightly). Also there is opportunity to get very nice wide shots on the second floor overlooking the interior of the barn.

     The reception speeches are also great to film in this venue due to all the space. Also make sure to get outside during sunset as there are great backlit shots that can be done close to the barn which makes it very convenient!

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